About The Artist

Jeroen Breedveld, known as Paramedik, is a DJ and producer from the Netherlands and ready to take over the dancefloors with his unique view on Techno.

Paramedik is just as comfortable getting your heart pumped though his music, while he doesn’t bother doing some manual CPR too. Being a paramedic offers him the ability to reflect all the emotions he experiences in his daily work into his music. That’s why you can hear everything from Ambient to melodic Techno and from Minimal to warehouse pounding Techno. With plenty of fresh and exciting music coming up, this sound will be the next big thing in the world of techno. So be sure to follow Paramedik in the future!

DOB: 18/05/1998

Education: Bachelor of Nursing

E-mail: info@paramedik.nl

Real name: Jeroen Breedveld

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